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Emphasis is a center of interest that draws attention to the focal point of a garment. Fashion attraction. This center of interest must create more visual attraction than any other design elements. It should be related to the overall structure of the garment while the remaining elements must support this center of interest by echoing its design impact.

A good fashion product should highlight the important features of a body and draw attention away from a figure’s faults. ‘Emphasis’ could be accomplished by the use of lines, details, color accents, shapes, trims or accessories. A
combination of these elements gives the focal point added strength, so does placing the decorative emphasis at a structural point. For example, Karl Lagerfeld does that simply by rows of gold buttons in his jackets. Alternatively,
colorful leggings would emphasize the wearer’s legs and a bright collar would draw attention to the wearer’s neckline. A well-planned ‘emphasis’ could draw our eyes quickly to the center of interest in design.

● Fewer details in the design create a
focal point and thereby a center of
interest is emphasized.

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