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Dressing For Class (College)|Fashion’s Facts

ah, college. master of your own fate at last.

For most of us, this is our first chance to dress ourselves and head out into the world without any input from anyone.  Online fashion class. There is usually no dress code to worry about unless you picked a very conservative school.

But nothing attracts a professor’s negative attention like a stereotypical college slob shows up in ripped jeans a hoodie and flip-flops. You are basically taking points off your grade in the form of his or her lowered expectations.

If your professor thinks you’re a slacker he or she reads your paper like slackers just looking for opportunities to dock points. So raise the bar at least a little. Teenage fashion’s trend. You also want to make a good impression on any potential romantic prospects you meet so don’t be afraid to out-dress your peers.

Sure they might give you a hard time if you show up in a sports jacket but they’ll get over it and you’ll still look good. the ideal college look is usually something a little more formal than jeans and an untucked shirt and a little less formal than a tucked-in dress shirt and navy blazer.

Good middle ground options include colored and patterned dress shirts tuck or untuck it depending on how sharp you want to seem very casual sports jackets tweed and corduroy are your friends here dark jeans colored cotton slacks and cardigans or pullover sweaters.

Things you need: At least one or two sports jackets seriously try it if you haven’t dark jeans some decent cotton slacks maybe a pair of gray wool trousers; sweaters for the cold months. page 16 click here to go back to the table of contents casual style:

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