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Body shape|Men’s fashion design

If you are a boy (or are designing for boys), read this section:
There are five basic body shapes for men. smart fashion. Take a look at your body in the mirror (while wearing tight-fitting clothing), and try to identify your own body shape.

The Trapezoid: You have a broad chest and shoulders, and a somewhat narrow waist and hips. As your upper and lower body is in balance, you can wear nearly any style of clothing.
The Inverted Triangle: You have a broad chest and shoulders, and a very narrow waist and hips. Wearing straight cut pants (rather than skinny styles) will help create a balance between your top and bottom halves. Avoid wearing jackets with shoulder pads or wide necklines, as it will make your upper half
seem even broader.

The Rectangle: Your shoulders are the same width as your waist and hips. Structured blazers and jackets will help create a wider upper body while narrowing your waist. Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, as they will emphasize the rectangular shape of your body.
The Triangle: Your chest and shoulders are narrower than your waist and hips, so your lower half appears wider than your upper body. Try to wear fitted clothing – baggy outfits will make you appear larger than you are.
Create a strong shoulder with structured jackets. Avoid wearing skinny pants, as they will make your hips appear wider.
The Oval: The widest part of your body is your stomach. Wear vertical stripes to help you appear taller and thinner. Avoid wearing bright colored belts, as they will draw attention to your stomach. If you are short, make sure that your pants are tailored so they aren’t too long.

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