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What makes a good fashion drawing?

Composition and Well Planned Layout
The positioning of the drawing on the page and the relationship of one drawing to another are all important because they help to create a design image. online fashion drawing. Relate the sketch to the space and other sketches around it, to create an interesting effect.

Right Purpose
The drawing should consider the purpose and objective of the presentation. It may be for a fashion presentation board, forecasting drawing, promotional fashion illustration or advertisement for magazines.
Understanding Construction and Form
A design drawing is often an interpretation of a three-dimensional form in a two-dimensional way. It is important to express the structure of the three-dimensional form.
Awareness of Body Perspective and Proportion
Good drawings need not be photographically accurate. how to sketch. It is essential to observe the scale and proportion. It’s good to know how to re-create such factors in your drawings.
Rhythm of Line
The mood and shape of the design are developed by the thickness of lines. Drawing figures use one continuous line and avoid the messy broken lines.

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